Thaba Talks with Simone Grove


Hi there Simone, first off congratulations on winning the Short distance woman's category at 3Mountains. 
How old where you when you won the 3Mountains competition?

Thank you very much! I was 13 years old.

When you saw the route profiles for the 2016 race, were you nervous? 
What did you expect?

Because this was my very first stage race, I was quite nervous when I saw the profiles. 
I remember thinking : “Will I be able to do this for 3 days in a row?” I expected it to be very challenging!

What did you enjoy most about the race village? 

The free bike wash!

Which stage was your favorite and why? 

The last day was definitely my favorite. Even though I had a nasty fall on one of the drop’s, I enjoyed the scenery very much.

What do you think about the quality of the Race pack and the Race t-shirt? 

The Race pack was very well presented. The t-shirts are made of good quality material and are very comfortable.

How did you prepare for 3Mountains? 

I just did my usual training program (thank you Oom Boet du Toit) but I focused more on doing about four 40km rides a week for the last 3 weeks before the race.

Did you take time to stop at the refreshment stations on route? If so which one did you enjoy most? 

Sadly not! I saw some photo’s afterwards….and I was disappointed that I did not stop.

Do you wheelie or smile for the camera? 

Neither! I’m too scared I might fall when I wheelie for the camera. I am working on my smile though!

Would you say 3Mountains is worth riding? 

3Mountains was my first and definitely not my last! It’s worth riding for sure – what you get for your money makes it worth while.

How does it feel to own the pink leaders jersey? 


Do you feel the stage distances are to long, or was it just enough of a challenge?

The short distance was just long enough. It is very challenging but not too much for a regular rider.

Will you recommend 3Mountains to your friends and family? 

NO doubt about that! This is a MUST do race!!